Technical Writing

Do you need to review, edit, update or develop new documents? Do you and your staff have the time to do this? Do you know how to do it?

We usually follow our consulting work with design and technical writing. Sometimes companies hire us to follow up recommendations from other consultants, or to use in-company templates.

  • Document review and edit
  • Verification and improvement
  • Rewriting / enhancement
  • Development, writing and publication (start to finish)

Publication formats:

Most of our deliverables are in MS Office. Marketing and commercial publications are produced in *.ai or Adobe Indesign.


We produce all our documents in English. We do not produce original documents in Arabic because we cannot guarantee adequate quality control in Arabic.

We can arrange translations from English to Arabic, if required.


We do not assign staff on long-term deployments. We do most of our work in our offices in Abu Dhabi; we work on client premises for meetings, research and analysis, and implementation.


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